Healthcare is a Human Right

Posted on 10 November 2010

Listen: Be the Change 2010-11-10

Susan Weeks is a Physician Assistant and co-founder of Healthcare is a Human Right, which offers a free health clinic every month in for the Kingston, Woodstock & Phoenicia areas. Susan has worked in emergency rooms, as a midwife and as a homeopath. She practices “guerrilla medicine,” bringing compassion and healing to the people.

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2 responses to Healthcare is a Human Right

  • Very nice music. I am so glad to have found out about your organization. Blessings, Carol Thompson 518 929-9754

  • Betty says:

    Hi I see you are a physicians assistant and that is what I’m wanting to become. I’m graduating high school this year and I found this article on PA. It talked about not only the college classes but actual hands on work experience and it listed nursing specifically as a way to get this experience. The article is fairly short and I was wondering if you could take a look at it and let me know if you think it gave me good infor or if possible if you knwo of another article you could send me the link to.

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