In Vivo Somatic Experiencing: Relieving the effects of trauma

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Jacqueline CarletonJacqueline A. Carleton, PhD offers integrative treatment, bridging the fields of body psychotherapy and psychoanalysis with her own life-experience.  Jacquie generously explains the healing principles of the body in the therapeutic process. To make the principles more clear and accessible, she generously offers her own story about handling the trauma of going into cardiac arrest and spending five days in the ICU after a hip replacement.  Jaquie tells of how she and her daughter, a medical student, worked slowly and gently with each other, helping to relieve the effects of trauma. As one who appreciates ever-deepening her expertise, Jacquie is always involved in learning as well as sharing her knowledge. Be the Change host Amy first met Jacquie when she assisted a Somatic Experiencing course in NYC.  This interview is a wonderful example of working with healing principles through body awareness.


Raja Selvam

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rajaRaja Selvam, PhD, is a senior Somatic Experiencing trainer and founder of Trauma Vidya, an organization that served hundreds of the survivors of the 2004 Asian tsunami. To find out more about Somatic Experiencing, as well as Raja’s trainings in Working with Stress and Trauma, Emotional, and Relational Symptoms with Greater Efficiency, go to


Environmental Training for Transition

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TransitionPamela Boyce Simms, development officer at KTD Monastery returns to Be the Change Radio. She is launching an environmental training for transition in Woodstock on October 5th, 6th, and 7th in Woodstock. The dynamic, interactive training prepares participants to move their local communities from fossil fuel dependency to resilient sustainability against the backdrop of peak oil and climate change. Participants will receive tools for community outreach and collaboration, environmental education, and learn to describe the challenges of our times in ways that will bring people together and inspire action. This is an opportunity to meet neighbors and others in their region who share the same goals of community-building as we safeguard the earth. An indigenous First Nations Celebration will also be featured during the weekend. Location: KTD Monastery. For more information call: 845-679-5906


Fund Drive 2012

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donateIt’s that time again — the WVKR Fund Drive. Please support Independent Radio! Go to and click on the DONATE button in the menu. Thanks!

The Dig Kids of Kingston

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The Dig Kids: An Urban Farming Program for Youth is in its second year in 2012.  Youth are paid an educational stipend to “farm” the Everett Hodge Center Children’s Garden and the Van Buren Street Playground in mid-town Kingston. Created by the Kingston Land Trust in partnership with Kingston Cares (a program of Family of Woodstock), The South Pine Street City Farm and with the support of Kingston Parks and Recreation Department, “The Dig Kids” is charged in working with Kingston youth to grow food, learn farming practices, encourage entrepreneurship, beautification, pride and good health through hands on farming experiences.


To Thrive in Life

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Steven Hoskinson consults and trains trauma treatment providers internationally under the auspices of Hoskinson Consulting in Encinitas, California.  For a decade, he has taught as Senior International Instructor for The Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, and has done research in Creativity, Myth and Spirituality.




The Breath

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Amy Shoko Brown and Hank Tusinski talk about the most basic and profound spiritual practice – the breath.  In Qigong (Energy work), autumn is associated with the lung channel, weakened by grief and anxiety, strengthened by integrity and acceptance.  Bringing attention to the breath is a profound way of learning how we naturally give and receive, nourish and let go.


Our Future

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Joan Henry with a group of young people who have been participating in one of Mill Street Loft’s summer programs, Project ABLE.


Dance of Life

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Amy Shoko Brown talks with Hank Tusinski, painter, sculptor, and all-around expert in living creatively about discipline, community, and freedom. Hank’s 10-foot tall Day of the Dead Jester skeleton mocks vanity and invites all to take seriously this glorious dance of life.


Great Women, Great Stories

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Rita M. GrossRita M. Gross is internationally known for her innovative work on gender and religion.  She is also a Buddhist dharma teacher, having been appointed to that position by Her Eminence Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche. She recently led a weekend workshop at Zen Mountain Monastery entitled “Great Women, Great Stories.” Julie & Danica talk with Rita about her journey through the second half of the 20th century, forging a path for herself in academia in the fields of women’s studies and comparative religion. In the last portion of the conversation Rita offers a teaching on how we can live in this world without discrimination: that is, noticing differences but not attaching meaning and attributes to those differences.

This conversation was recorded at on 18 March 2012.

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